Assistant Flight Instructor Course (AFI)

The Assistant Flight Instructor (AFI) course is designed to provide necessary skills and requirements to enable an individual to commercially train a cadet pilot. It is the fundamental course to becoming a Qualified Flying Instructor.


  • Letter of approval from the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation
  • An existing and valid CPL/IR from any country recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
  • Successful medical examination Class I with requisite certificate from DCA approved medical examiner
  • Adequate competency in the English language and must have a minimum ICAO Level 4 Aviation English Competency endorsement in the CPL

The duration of this course is twelve (12) weeks for a total of ninety (90) hours of flight and ground training. The course may be taken on a full-time

Flight Training
Flight training consists of thirty (30) hours on a single engine aircraft.

Ground Training
Ground training consists of sixty (60) hours which includes the subjects below:-

  • Flight Rules and Procedures
  • Navigation and Meteorology
  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Airframes and Engines
  • Aviation Law
  • Instructional Techniques

On completion of the course, the pilot will be issued with an Assistant Flight Instructor Rating (AFI).


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